Co-founder of Hotdog an independent poetry magazine. Published annually, we commission work from established and emerging poets, writers and artists. We want to encourage people to be excited about writing by women. Our latest issue was selected as the Stack delivery and featured in several exhibitions in the UK and abroad.
With Molly Taylor


Her Stories is an annual festival of art, community and collaboration. Each year this volunteer run initiative holds events, workshops, an art exhibition and auction with the aim of raising money for women’s charities in the UK. In two years Her Stories has raised nearly £90,000 for 6 women’s charities. I volunteer my skills as an independent publisher and create a publication to accompany the event and raise further awareness of the issues the Her Stories Charities face. Shown above is Her Stories 2017.
With Her Stories

Project manager for Battersea Dogs & Cats Home rebrand. We emphasised the charity’s commitment to unconditionally care for all dogs and cats, and developed a brand line: ‘Here for every dog and cat’.
With Pentagram

Project Manager and Creative on Why climate change is not a Debate. As long as journalists, editors, producers choose to promote the views of skeptics, it’s our duty to hold them to account. We can take on the media by calling, writing, commenting, petitioning or boycotting. We can defy the deniers by taking green action in our lives. Watch our explainer film We are #AntiSkeptic because good science doesn’t lie, but bad Presidents do.
With Do the Green Thing, artwork by Marta Parszeniew

Project Manager and Creative on Ungifted. The gifting service that helps you give a friend an experience to remember, not a forgettable piece of tat. Whether it’s a gig you’d hate but they’d love, a (hopefully) delicious home-cooked meal, a lesson in how to play chess or anything else you can think of, spare them and the planet another wasteful gift and Ungift them some friendship instead.
With Do The Green Thing

Project Manager for Fashion for Good creating a brand strategy and messaging platform that could be compelling enough to unite brands, producers, retailers, suppliers, non-profit organisations, innovators and funders around a shared ambition. The team developed a succinct brand idea that acts as a three-word manifesto for Fashion for Good: ‘Only good fashion.’ Because good fashion at scale is not only possible, it is within reach. And by harnessing the power of innovation, practical action and cross-sector collaboration, Fashion for Good shows that good fashion is more attractive, accessible and affordable than its opposite.
With Pentagram

Project manager for Birkbeck advertising campaign.The campaign was rolled out across London transportation, inside Tube carriages, Tube platforms and on buses.
With Pentagram

Project Manager for Wrigley Campaign. The brief was to create a piece of communication that would get people to throw their gum in the bin after they'd chewed it. The short ads were show across Instagram, YouTube and Facebook. We built a microsite was built to accompany it and offer further info
With Pentagram and Steve Qua

Project management, publishing, marketing & copywriting. Based in London with a particular interest in art, self-erecting cranes, walking and archival photography 

I: @meganeconery

Selected Clients
Her Stories
Shagufta K. 
Battersea Dogs & Cats Home
Birkbeck University
University of Sussex
Fashion For Good
The Paul Kasmin Gallery
Do The Green Thing

London College of Communication, Gender & sexuality in journalism
Design Museum x Stack Magazines, Self-publishing & print production
The Roundhouse, Finding your voice

Selected talks & exhibitions
Man Made Disaster, Do The Green Thing
Hidden Women of Design, ReAct
Nottingham Trent, Raw Print
London College of Communication, Voices in Publishing
Stack Magazines, Printout
Not So Popular, Do you DIY?
Somerset House, Print! Tearing It Up
Vogue Milan, Reading Room

BA History of Art, University College Cork
MSC Contemporary Art Theory and Criticism, University of Edinburgh
MA Publishing, LCC